What is nomads

As the largest car ad network in Malta, we reach areas other media cannot. Our ever growing fleet of drivers is the perfect way to make the most of your advertising material.

With unmatched geographic and demographic targetting, we can get your ads into those hard to reach areas at a fraction of the cost.

Simply choose your target market, and we'll work together to find the ideal windshields to place your adverts on based  our drivers' background and their activities.

Advertise with us

With access a fleet of drivers of all ages and backgrounds, we can get your message to your target audience at a fraction the cost of other media.

Empower your messaging through roaming brand embassadors to increase organic referrals and word of mouth. Even arrange flash mobs around areas or events for targeted brand exposure.

Nomads is the optimally targetted, cost effective and highly visble medium for your message.